Monday, November 15, 2010

Work Projects

Below is a list of projects that Matt sent with picture.
Sorry not putting all the pictures next to the statements.

The logo needs another coat of yellow paint.

The smaller lettering “Escuela” and “Colegio” are in bad shape, and are falling off. We
could bring replacement letters (5 inches tall), but the school might want different words.

there. So we should not buy lettering yet. If we do, they should be plastic or metal, not

The sidewalk has been installed from the front gate up to the Befus driveway.
Some additional draining work remains to be done. In this area, a culvert needs to be
installed under the sidewalk to drain the tennis court. This will probably be done by Omar and Julio.

To provide room for the sidewalk, the right-side branch of this tree will be removed. To
balance the tree, probably the left-side branch will also be removed. There will still be
roots at ground level – the local practice is to chop them out and pour the sidewalk. Note
that the sidewalk has not been completed from the Befus driveway to the school, but the
Loveland team will not be expected to do it.

The old computer lab will be divided into offices and other spaces. The design is not yet

Probably, this wall will be removed so that the adjacent office space can be expanded into his area. Other walls will also need to be built. An existing door may need to be
modified, and an area where a door used to be may need to be restored to being a door

This space is to be converted into a classroom. The materials should have been moved
out of this space before we arrive.

We will build a partition like this one at the other end of the classroom, and add a layer of
fiberboard to this side of this partition so that it looks more finished. Once the partitions
are complete, they will need to be painted.

We will also add wood framing around the windows, like this one. After the wood
framing is in place, the local construction team will install windows (made to fit) and the
security grille. Note that the woodwork in these existing windows also needs painting.

When we moved the playhouse, we broke the base. It would be welcome if we were to
add a layer of thin (flexible) plywood around the outside of the base, and paint it.

The playground equipment needs paint.

This playground equipment also needs paint. It also needs to have the top bar replaced –
it is currently wood, and is badly damaged, so Ronald will arrange to have it replaced
with steel.

Some sides of some of the buildings have never been painted. Here, for example, is the
end of one of the primary buildings. These walls will need to be brushed or powerwashed, primered, and painted. The skim coat is already cracking, so they should not be put off too much longer.

The new pumphouse is ready for paint. It should be painted some shade of dark green to blend into the jungle.

The stairs leading up to the pumphouse do not blend in with the environment. They might also be painted, with the addition of non-slip treads if needed.

A sidewalk cover will need to be built. It will look similar to this one, but not the same.
The uprights will need to be built on-site because there will be some variation in height
along the length of the sidewalk. A metal cut-off saw and a welder are available.
The steel will be purchased in 6-meter (about 20 foot) lengths.

After the steel arrives, it will be stored in this parking shed. Soon thereafter, it will need
to be cleaned and painted to prevent rust before it is used. After it is cut and welded, then additional painting will be required. After that, the supports can be installed, and then the roofing can be installed.

The murals need touchup. Particularly, this mural and a few others are constantly being
overgrown by vines. R&S will cut the vines before leaving in November, so they should
be dead and easy to remove in January.

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