Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Volcano and Church tour

A group of the team went to the Volcano and the 3 churches.
The other group did the Pico Banco hike.

The Volcano is called Irazu

This is the church that we went on Sunday night.

This church is the National Basilica. You will see people shuffling on their knees in the center isle of the church to get to their seats. The church has a small black rock that Mary appeared to an Indian girl. They call it the Black Mary rock.
They also sell holy water and we saw people sprinkling the water on their cars.
We pray that these people remember that Christ is the only way and not by works.

I'd like to be funny and say the 2nd church built by the Spaniards. 1564

First Church built in Costa Rica by the Spaniards.

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