Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to School

Dear friends of Matt & Lisa and LPDV school,

A week and a half ago we promised a second pictorial update of the opening of the 2011 school year. After some technical difficulties (and restoration of accidentally-deleted pictures), here it is. If you have any difficulty opening the attachment, please let us know.

As you see reports of teacher strikes in the US, would you please pray for the provision of a 5th grade teacher for LPDV? Public school teaching positions are sought after in CR in part because teachers are granted tenure upon hiring, in addition to receiving other goverment-only benefits. When public schools opened the same day as LPDV, it was discovered that the number of public school teachers needed had been grossly underestimated. Late last week our fifth grade teacher chose to accept a position with the public school system rather than face being blacklisted by turning down the offer. Our director is scrambling to find a replacement two weeks into the school year!
We look forward to the school year settling in, and having time to personally respond to replies. We appreciate hearing from you.

Matt & Lisa Befus

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