Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday departure

Sunday's departure and flight back home to Chicago had no problems this time.
The Lord put this team together and a lot of work was accomplished, we encouraged the Befus family and Sarah Powell and all had great Christian fellowship during our time in Costa Rica. Students Ronald and Daniel worked and laughed with us during our time at the school and the local ice cream establishment POPs.
For those who have been down to La Palabra de Vida school multiple times, all mentioned this probably was the best mission trip to the school that we have had so far.
We all thank the Befus family, the school staff and workers, the cooks and our excellent drivers (Walter and Artello)who drove use around the streets of Costa Rica.
Roosevelt road seems so docile.
Pray for a full staff this year and for the students to grow in Christ this upcoming school year which starts in mid Februray and the Befus family and their daughters staring their school year.
We also thank all of the Team's prayer supporters and supporters. We felt all those prayers for our health, safety and having a team that worked well together.
Men's International Team 2011.

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