Saturday, January 15, 2011

Work Day 6

More was accomplished today. You can see by the pictures below.
More books were covered. Book shelves painted. Pictures painted on the Library wall.
The second wall in the new classroom was completed and primed. Broke through the wall of the old computer room.
Henry the IT guy was cleaning out the computer labs PC's and keyboards with a leave blower. (Whatever works)
Had a great devotional time this morning and each person commented on what this mission trip has ment to them.
There is much more work to be done. The Costa Rican people need to hear the Gospel and they will at La Palbra de Vida School.
Pray for the staff will be filled with strong Christian Men and Women this year. Pray for the students to do well and to grow in God's Word.

A reflective cross for the front entrance.

It should look great at night?

The Befus family dogs Ponce - Pepper - and the school dog Blacky

A new walk way between the Admin and the Academic rooms.

Double sided cubby's are all painted and waiting for books.

Library painting.

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